Tracey Jackson’s Recent Cases

Tracey Jackson has an enviable success rate in court applications, trials, arbitrations and settlements.  Here are a few of her recent successes in court:

Boman v. Boman

Successfully obtained a trial order reapportioning the husband’s companies and property 100% in his favour, where the court found both the companies and property to be family assets.

Cain v. Hodgson

Successfully obtained trial order for full-time working mother to have primary residence of a child and final decision-making authority.

Cain v. Hodgson

Obtained order for double-costs for a 5-day trial because client won the trial and exceeded her offer of settlement.  Resulted in $45,000 order for costs for client.


Defeated husband’s appeal of trial order for spousal support.


Successfully obtained orders for interim joint custody and equal residence of Children for full-time professional father when mother was a home-maker:


Successfully achieved reduced child and spousal support orders for a high-income earning husband in shared custody arrangement.

McDonald v. McDonald

Obtained trial judgment accepting wife’s higher value for husband’s business.

McMillan v. McMillan

Successfully defeated husband’s appeal of 2 arbitration awards in favour of client wife. Court upheld damages award in favour of client for $675,000 and a costs award of $235,000 in favour of client wife that had been obtained during arbitration. Ms. Jackson represented the wife at the arbitration for both the damages award and the costs award.

McMillan v. McMillan

Successfully defeated husband’s application to compel wife to engage in certain refinancing of a property and obtained a costs order for client wife.

Oliver v. Oliver

Successfully received order at trial for wife to retain significant portion of assets she brought into the marriage.


Successfully obtained order for joint custody and equal shared parenting time for full-time professional father when wife was a full-time home-maker.

Reid v. Reid (Part 1)

Obtain trial judgment upholding a separation agreement after unsuccessful attack by wife.

Reid v. Reid (Part 2)

Successfully defeated application for retroactive child and spousal support in the face of a separation agreement.

Reid v. Reid (Costs)

Obtained costs award for client husband and double costs of the 24-day trial.

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