Litigation Strategy

At Dunnaway, Jackson, Ouellet and Associates, we have a unique litigation strategy.  We are not afraid to take a strong stance when it serves our client’s interests.  When appropriate, we will apply for orders that will protect our client’s rights or advance his or her case, such as orders:

  • to freeze assets
  • to compel the production of financial documents
  • to conduct an examination of a key witness before a trial
  • for an order for immediate spousal support
  • for exclusive occupancy of the home
  • for immediate contact with a child
  • for immediate child support
  • for a finding of contempt of court
  • for costs
  • for double costs
  • for a custody and access report
  • for a business valuation
  • to impute income
  • to sell an asset prior to trial
  • to release funds pending trial


We do not apply for these orders unnecessarily, or without good reason.   Most importantly, we do not shy away from seeking these kinds of orders because they are difficult to obtain.  If it’s the right step in the litigation, we’ll take it.

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