Track Record

At Dunnaway, Jackson, Ouellet & Associates, we pride ourselves on our fantastic track record in the courtroom and in negotiations.  We have a reputation for achieving great wins due to our hard work, strategic thinking, advocacy skills and our commitment to our clients.  Here are a few highlights:

In a recent and arduous 23-day trial, Ms. Jackson was 100% successful in defeating all of the wife’s claims to set aside a separation agreement, to receive $2.5M in additional family assets, to receive over $400,000 in child support, and for retroactive spousal support.  The wife received nothing.  The court also awarded costs to the husband, and double costs of the trial.

In a recent arbitration involving allegations of breach of a duty of good faith in the performance of a contract, Ms. Jackson was successful in persuading the Arbitrator that the husband had breached his duty of good faith.  Ms. Jackson’s client received an award of damages and costs in the amount of $235,000.  The husband has appealed; the decision is pending.

Ms. Jackson recently successfully defeated an application by a father to vary an interim order requiring his access to his children to be supervised.  The court accepted Ms. Jackson’s argument to maintain the existing interim order when the trial date was only 4 months away.

In a recent case involving a second marriage for both parties, Ms. Jackson represented the wife in a pro-tracted trial involving primarily asset division.  Ms. Jackson successfully argued that the wife should be able to retain the vast majority of the financial assets that she had brought into the relationship and that she should share in the husband’s assets as well.   In addition, the court accepted Ms. Jackson’s argument that the wife should retain her inheritance from her father.

In a recent custody trial, Ms. Jackson pursuaded the court that the mother should retain the primary residence of a 2 1/2 year old child over the father’s application for an equal parenting regime.  Ms. Jackson also obtained an order for double-costs for her client against the father who had failed to accept a reasonable offer of settlement.

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